Popular Art and Design Careers

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Interior Design

Interior design is more than choosing wall colors and arranging throw pillows. There are safety codes to follow and architectural elements to plan—not to mention that you'll need to sell your ideas to clients.

Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising

There's more than one way to get a job working in the fashion industry. Whether your skills are suited to a design job or working in the business end of things in merchandising or marketing, there's a job in fashion for you.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers can take credit for everything from company logos, to magazine layouts, to product packaging. Graphic design is everywhere—which makes it an exciting opportunity for young artists exploring their career options.

Game Design

Video game design is a growing field with many types of opportunities, making this an excellent time to think about enrolling in game design school and starting a career.

Web Design

Web designers create user-friendly interfaces and make websites and mobile apps as appealing as possible. This makes them indispensable in today's business environment, where an online presence makes a significant difference to the bottom line.

Spotlight on Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is Here

Fashionistas turn their attention from the Big Apple to the home of Big Ben as Fashion Week moves to London. They'll have much look at: More than 200 designers reveal their spring collections and the unusual items that inspired their creations. Keep up with Fashion Week with us.

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More Art and Design Careers

Film and Video

Your time spent in film school will prepare you for a future in the film industry. You'll learn techniques and have the opportunity to benefit from the feedback of your professors and peers.


If your goal is to become a professional photographer, photography school will give you the chance to work with experienced professionals, learn valuable techniques, and find inspiration for your art in a wide array of studies.


Animation is a growing career field that can offer a wide array of employment opportunities. With a degree from an animation school, you can find positions working in video games, advertising, animated films and other areas.

Financial Aid

Financing your art education can be easy, especially if you know where to look. Here is a basic tutorial on how to tap into the many financial aid resources available to art school students.