Five Tips for Success in Website Design School

Get a head start on your website design education by following this advice.

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Web designers and developers are in high demand, but in order to maximize your chances of success in the website design job market, you have to plan ahead to acquire the required skills, from working knowledge of design principles to business basics. Give yourself a head start by making the most of your website design program, whether it's a specialized certificate or a full college degree.

Five Tips for Success in Website Design School

1. Focus on design skills. Companies want to hire designers with a strong artistic bent, as well as the graphics and layout training to bring their ideas to fruition. Be sure to register for classes that will teach you traditional visual art concepts like color theory and composition.

2. Build your portfolio. Another prerequisite for most website design jobs is a diverse, impressive portfolio that exhibits the range of your skills and creativity. Even as a student, you can build your portfolio by including your most successful class assignments or websites that you've designed and built outside of class.

3. Keep your technology up-to-date. Working in a computer-related field means staying abreast of updates to hardware, software and even web programming standards. You'll need a computer that's capable of running industry-standard software, and it goes without saying that website designers need an internet connection. If you can acquire them ahead of time and get a jump on learning how to use them, you'll be a step ahead in your degree program.

4. Talk to students, professors and graduates. When you're trying to choose a web design program, it's enormously helpful to get an insider's perspective from current students at the school. Professors and recent graduates can also provide invaluable advice on what courses to take and concepts to learn in order to be competitive in the job market once you graduate.

5. Hone your business expertise. Working as a web designer usually means navigating the business world in some capacity—either as part of a larger design staff or as a self-employed designer. You may want to leave room in your schedule to take a basic business course or two so that you can learn communication skills, marketing strategies and other fundamentals useful to a web site design career.

Are You Ready for Website Design School?

Keep these five tips in mind, and you'll be ahead of many of your peers when you start your web design program. What's more, you can take much of this advice with you when you graduate—it'll serve you well throughout your career.