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Architect Job Description

What does an architect do? (Duties, skills & tools) The role of architects in our society can hardly be understated. They design the buildings and structures in which we live, work, play, shop and so much more. Architects create the design blueprints which are then used by construction teams to build a given structure. There... Read more

Architect Salary

Architect salary guide (compensation levels & factors influencing pay) Architects are responsible for designing our homes, offices, stores and practically all other buildings we inhabit throughout our lives. It takes a lot of work—usually many years—to learn the mathematical, design and project management skills needed to eventually become an architect. It makes sense, therefore, that... Read more

Architecture Degrees

What degree do you need to be an architect? Architects must develop a broad skillset to be able to perform their architectural duties. Architecture degree programs are designed to equip students with these essential skills to set themselves up for their careers. Knowledge of mathematics, physics and building materials coupled with an eye for design... Read more

Architecture School and Career Guide

Architect School and Career Guide Get information about architecture, industry trends, careers and the education and licensing you’ll need. Degrees Licensing Skills Workplaces Salary Overview Architects utilize many different physical and digital tools in their design work, but their universal goal is to build safe, sustainable and functional structures. How to become an architect If... Read more