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Ten Top Video Games of 2017

Ten Top Video Games of 2017 Whether race cars and sports or first-person shooter; strategy or massively multiplayer and 3D, 2017 has something to offer every gamer. If you’re intent upon immersing yourself in life simulation role-playing or obliterating the universe, 2017 has games suited to every level of play, from casual dabbler to hard-core... Read more

3D Game Programming's Past, Present and Future

3D Game Programming’s Past, Present and Future Here’s how 3D game programming got its start—and evolved into a phenomenon. If you aspire to work in 3D game programming, you’ll need to know the history of pioneer 3D games like “Wolfenstein,” “Doom” and “Quake.” These (and many others) were some of the first innovations in the... Read more

5 Reasons to Start a Game Design Career

5 Reasons to Start a Game Design Career What is it about gaming and gamers that makes a game design job so appealing? It’s very unusual for real-world jobs to be identified with fun and excitement, but a career in game design is one of the rare few. Sheer enjoyment of the day-to-day aspects of the job... Read more

Game Programming vs. Game Design

Game Programming vs. Game Design What are the differences between game programming and game design? To an industry outsider, the distinction between game design and game programming might seem negligible, but if you plan to make a career out of one or the other, you need to know what’s different. It’s not quite night vs. day, but... Read more

Launch Your Video Game Designer Career

Launch Your Video Game Designer Career Is a video game design career for you? Here are five reasons why it just may be. A Video Game Design Career Breaks Stereotypes Successful video game designers have a surprisingly broad skill set. They combine everything from graphic design abilities and computer programming know-how to creative writing talent and... Read more

Video Game Designer Profile

Video Game Designer Profile Get the inside story on what it’s like to be a video game designer for Xbox. Paolo Malabuyo Lead Design Program Manager—Xbox, MicrosoftOver 10 years in the business How did you become a video game designer? Like a lot of people in the game industry, I grew up playing video games. I... Read more

Choose the Best Game Design School for You

Choose the Best Game Design School for You Here’s what to ask yourself as you start researching game design schools. When you’re ready to choose a video game design school, it will all come down to your personal priorities. Do you value a convenient location and class schedule? Is cost a major factor? Are you... Read more

Career Services Offered at Game Design Schools

Career Services Offered at Game Design Schools Whether you’re in school or graduating, one of your best resources is the career services office. Want to land a great job in the gaming industry right out of college? So does everyone else at your school, but the answer isn’t just about finishing up your degree or studying what’s currently trending in... Read more

Video Game Jobs to Consider

Video Game Jobs to Consider Learn about the types of video game jobs that are available. Video game jobs cover a spectrum of possibilities, so whether you favor having an artistic career, something in business management or in computer programming, there’s a position in the video game design industry to fit your talents and interests. Some positions... Read more

Life as a Video Game Tester

Life as a Video Game Tester What is it like to take video games to the ultimate level before they go to market? Video game testers play an important role in a games’ life cycle. Testing for bugs and conducting quality assurance may not sound creative, but game testers need an artistic eye, because design... Read more