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Illustrator Career Paths: Job Duties, Education and More

Illustrator career paths: job duties, education and more Learn what draws people to become illustrators and where it can take them. What is an illustrator? Illustrators are visual artists, but their role as visual storytellers extends far beyond simply creating images that delight and inspire. Illustrators and their diverse set of skills are utilized by... Read more

How to Become a Web Designer

How to Become a Web DesignerCareer paths, education and salaries What does a web designer do? In most cases, the web or digital designer is the first stop toward determining the look and feel of a website, creating its layout and design, incorporating color and branding—and essentially making a site look great and function responsively.... Read more

4 Creative Ways to Use Your Graphic Design Degree

4 Creative Ways to Use Your Graphic Design Degree If the thought of strict studio production work or creating endless brands in an advertising or marketing agency leaves you cold (and okay, admittedly, you did choose that graphic design degree program) you’ll be pleased to know there are some other jobs you can do with your degree.... Read more

Advertising Designer Profile

Advertising Designer Profile Read how a professional advertising designer got her start. Sue Aho Creative Director, PCC Natural MarketsOver 25 years in the field How did you become an advertising designer? In high school and college I took all art classes. I loved art, but I didn’t want to be a fine artist. It’s too hard... Read more

Advertising Design Job Description

Advertising Design Job Description Find out what you’ll do in an advertising design job—and what education you’ll need. Living in today’s society, you can’t turn on the TV, listen to the radio or even walk down the street without someone trying to sell you something. Good advertising has a way of sticking with you, whether it’s a... Read more

Choosing Industrial Design Programs

Choosing Industrial Design Programs What should you look for in industrial design programs? Here are seven things to consider. Industrial designers play a role in the making of just about every product on the market. They combine a passion for the visual arts, a natural penchant for problem solving and expert mechanical abilities in order... Read more

Graphic Designer Profile

Graphic Designer Profile Read an insider’s perspective on what it’s like to be a graphic designer. Randee Ladden Graphic Designer/Art Director, Publications InternationalOver 25 years in the business How did you become a graphic designer? I worked as a medical illustrator for a long time, did a couple of surgical textbooks and annual reports, and... Read more

On-the-Job Graphic Design Training

On-the-Job Graphic Design Training School isn’t the only place you’ll get graphic design training. Getting Work Experience Gaining experience is an important step in your design career. Graphic design school should give you the tools you need for an entry-level position but your first couple of years on the job will provide the work skills you’ll need... Read more

5 Graphic Design Portfolio Tips

5 Graphic Design Portfolio Tips Make your graphic design portfolio stand out using these five tips. How Important Is a Portfolio? It’s clichéd, but true: A picture really is worth a thousand words. Being able to communicate visually is key to your graphic designer career. So it’s not surprising that your graphic design portfolio may be... Read more

How to Get Ready for Graphic Design School

How to Get Ready for Graphic Design School Start graphic design school on the right foot with these five tips. Graphic designers are responsible for producing the layout and artistic elements of a wide variety of products, from food packaging to book covers to road signs. It’s not surprising that many of the most successful... Read more