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Screenwriting Courses or Four-Year Degree?

Screenwriting Courses or Four-Year Degree? If you query on “screenwriting courses” in Google, you’ll see everything from weekend workshops offered by local film schools and private film institutes to extensive four-year bachelors and postgraduate MFA degree programs that are designed to provide a comprehensive education. It can all be a bit of a blur when... Read more

Should I Earn an MFA or a BFA in Screenwriting?

Should I Earn an MFA or a BFA in Screenwriting? When you’re doing research to find a film school with a track in screenwriting, you’ll likely notice there are a lot of not only Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) but Master of Fine Arts (MFA) programs available. You might wonder if there is a benefit... Read more

Is a Digital Filmmaking Career for You?

Is a Digital Filmmaking Career for You? Explore digital filmmaking and possible careers. Digital Makes Filmmaking Accessible to All Digital filmmaking is the norm these days, enabling filmmakers to blend art and digital media and speed up the process of filmmaking as well as be more creative and enterprising in the special effects department. In short, more... Read more

Unions Can Boost Your Film Career

Unions Can Boost Your Film Career Find resources for your film career. Professional Organizations Prove Beneficial Those in the filmmaking business have many unions and organizations to take part in. Not only do unions look out for their members by negotiating desirable wages but membership can also make you more employable. In fact, not being... Read more

Getting Started in Your Filmmaking Career

Getting Started in Your Filmmaking Career A film professional offers advice for film industry newcomers. Mark McCullah Lighting DesignerOver 15 years in the business The film industry is all fierce competition and long hours, but that doesn’t prevent aspiring filmmakers from dreaming of big screen success. So how do you avoid filmmaking career pitfalls? Lighting designer... Read more

Filmmaking Jobs: Who's on Set?

Filmmaking Jobs: Who’s on Set? Find out what roles are necessary to filmmaking. Filmmaking Jobs Defined Reading the credits at the end of a film can be like reading a foreign language. To a film industry newbie, “best boy” and “dolly grip” aren’t exactly the most enlightening job titles, after all. There are, however, many... Read more

Film School Student Profile

Film School Student Profile Read how attending film school inspired this student. Randy Walker Film School GraduateArt Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA When Randy Walker and his partner, Jenny Shainin, graduated with master’s degrees in film from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Calif., they set about doing what they loved—making movies.... Read more

Filmmaking School Professor Profile

Filmmaking School Professor Profile Get school advice from a film school professor. Jean-Pierre Geuens University of Southern California, Los AngelesCity College and Art Center College of Design As a professor at a filmmaking school, Jean-Pierre Geuens has been instructing students about the nuances of film for more than 20 years. His career began in France... Read more

Getting Into Film School

Getting Into Film School Make your film school application stand out with these five tips. How to Apply to Film School It’s a good idea to have a general idea of what admissions officers are looking for in a film school applicant. While every film school has unique requirements, preparing for some of the standard... Read more

Film School: Digital Opens Doors on a Global Cinema

Film School: Digital Opens Doors on a Global Cinema See how global film trends will affect your filmmaking school experience. Digital Opens Doors If you have a passion for world cinema, this is one of the most exciting times in the film industry. Rapidly developing advances in digital technology have made filmmaking more portable and more affordable... Read more