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Choose Your Master's Degree in Art

Master of Arts degree guide (Program types & requirements) Choosing the right master's degree program is an important decision. What is an MA? An MA degree, also known as a Master of Arts degree, is a postgraduate academic degree typically awarded in the humanities, social sciences, or fine arts disciplines. It is generally pursued after... Read more

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degrees: BA vs. BFA

What's the difference between BA and BFA degrees? Learn the meaning of BA and BFA degrees and how to choose between the two. The distinction between a BA and a BFA lies in their emphasis and curriculum. A BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) degree focuses on intensive study and practice in the visual arts, complemented... Read more

5 Reasons a Journalism Degree Still Matters

5 Reasons Studying Journalism Online Still Matters The news often reports about print magazines and newspapers folding and cutting staff, and how the digital space is taking the reign with premium website and subscription content and news delivery. So why should a journalism degree still have value in the barren and dying landscape of print... Read more

Art Therapy Degree and Career Snapshot

Art Therapy Degree and Career Snapshot Learn about art therapy programs and career opportunities. Is an Art Therapy Education Right for You? An education in art therapy will prepare you to assess, diagnose and treat patients by engaging them in creative projects. Whether drawing and painting, making a clay sculpture, or stringing beads into a... Read more

How to Choose Your Art School

How to Choose Your Art School Get advice for choosing an art school that caters to your talents and career goals. It’s no secret that most art careers are highly competitive. So it’s not surprising that college art degrees are becoming increasingly necessary for artists hoping to make it in today’s tough job markets. Going... Read more

Take Advantage of Art School Opportunities

Take Advantage of Art School Opportunities Here are 10 reasons why art schools offer invaluable training for your future career. Becoming an artist doesn’t require a degree. You can make art at any time, using only a few inexpensive supplies. Launching your art career doesn’t require becoming certified or getting hired by an employer. So why... Read more

Guide to Art and Design School Degree Programs

Guide to Art and Design School Degree Programs There are many art and design degree programs available so make sure you choose the one that’s best for your needs. Which Art and Design Degree is Right for You? With a clear idea of your career goals and a little information about your options, you can... Read more

All About Art School Accreditation

All About Art School Accreditation Learn why you should consider attending an accredited art college. Benefits of Attending Accredited Colleges Location, cost of tuition, program availability—these features are often foremost in the thoughts of students pursuing higher education. When looking for higher education, however, art school accreditation should also make the list of deciding factors. Accreditation... Read more

Art Careers: Why Earning Your Degree is Worthwhile

Art Careers: Why Earning Your Degree is Worthwhile Get the training you need for a career in the art world. If you have the desire, talent and ability, with the right training and education you can enjoy one of a number of truly satisfying careers in art. Employment for artists is growing, especially in the... Read more