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How Important is a Web Design Degree?

How Important is a Web Design Degree? Even if you’re filled with innate raw talent as a designer, it may not be enough to propel you into that dream web design career. Why? Great web designers possess more than creative gifts—they are masters of intuiting how users actually use a website, and they strive to create a... Read more

Five Reasons to Consider Web Design Jobs

Five Reasons to Consider Web Design Jobs Why should you consider a web design career? Read on for five basic reasons. If you’re an artist who innately looks for visual solutions to design problems and you also enjoy Web technology, a career in Web design may be the best of both worlds. Web design allows you to... Read more

Web Designer Profile

Web Designer Profile A design professional shares his tips for success. Dustin Hunter Web DesignerOver 20 years in the business How did you become a web designer? I’ve been doing web design over 20 years, but I’ve been involved in graphic design and drawing forever. I’m a traditional artist. I didn’t know about computers until my mother opened... Read more

Defining Multimedia Design

Defining Multimedia Design What is multimedia design and could it be the career field for you? One of the most exciting areas of graphic and web design, and one of the fastest-growing occupations in visual arts, is multimedia design. Multimedia designers have the enviable job of combining various types of media, including text, images, audio and... Read more

Starting Your Own Web Design Business

Starting Your Own Web Design Business Here are seven tips for starting a successful web design business. Going Solo Entrepreneurship is a basic component of the American Dream: the small business owner who thrives despite all odds. And in the field of Web design, the odds are numerous. But going solo can be financially rewarding as... Read more

Differences Between Web Development and Design

Differences Between Web Development and Design Are you right for a web development or web design kind of career? Understanding Web Development and Design Web development and design are often used as interchangeable terms, but although some of their duties overlap, web designers and web developers work in two distinct spheres of website production. While... Read more

Media Communications Degrees and Careers

Media Communications Degrees and Careers Learn how a media communications degree can help prepare you for a variety of career paths. Traditional media, new media and social media are all ways information is disseminated, but a lot goes into messaging and communicating to the public. There’s a science to media communications; understanding how to effectively... Read more

What's New in Interactive Media?

What’s New in Interactive Media? Here’s one of the most cutting-edge design fields in which to earn your degree. By Sarah Stevenson It wasn’t long ago that interactive media primarily referred to video and computer game design or the development of web sites. In a few short years, though, we’ve seen the rise of smart phones,... Read more