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How to Become a Web Designer

How to Become a Web DesignerCareer paths, education and salaries What does a web designer do? In most cases, the web or digital designer is the first stop toward determining the look and feel of a website, creating its layout and design, incorporating color and branding—and essentially making a site look great and function responsively.... Read more

UX Design Degrees

What Degree Do I Need for UX Design? UX designers are part of an expanding workforce within the field of computer technology. They optimize a user or consumer’s experience with a physical or digital product from start to finish. Being able to architect a web page or application, for example, requires both technical know-how and... Read more

UX Designer Salary

How much do UX designers make? (State and metro comparisons) UX—short for “user experience”—is a growing computer technology field. UX designers create the overall experience a consumer has with a product or service to make it as streamlined and enjoyable as possible. Although UX design is applicable in many industries, it is perhaps associated most... Read more

Becoming a UX Designer

How to Become a UX Designer Explore UX design industry trends, available career paths and the education you’ll need. Overview Becoming Job duties Education Earning Potential Overview UX designers blend web knowledge, intuition skills and user thought processes with creativity. They need to be flexible thinkers who anticipate business and user goals. What is UX... Read more

UX Designer Job Description

What does a UX designer do? (Jobs, skills & tools used) Most of us take for granted that we can land on a web page today and know how to get where we need to go. But that isn’t a coincidence一it’s all by design. User Experience (UX) Designers are in charge of testing, reading the... Read more

Media Communications Degrees and Careers

Media Communications Degrees and Careers Learn how a media communications degree can help prepare you for a variety of career paths. Traditional media, new media and social media are all ways information is disseminated, but a lot goes into messaging and communicating to the public. There’s a science to media communications; understanding how to effectively... Read more