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Lighting Technician Filmmaking Careers

Lighting Technician Filmmaking Careers Find out about a filmmaking career as a lighting technician from an industry professional. Michael F. Lighting Technician/Dimmer Board OperatorOver 7 years in the business Filmmaking career professional, Michael F., is a lighting technician/dimmer board operator who works in film and television. Read on for a description of this exciting filmmaking career in... Read more

The Los Angeles Film Scene

The Los Angeles Film Scene Learn about the history of the Los Angeles film industry. As part of the city of Los Angeles, Hollywood draws hopeful film industry workers looking to make it big in the glittery, glamorous movie business. Originally, the movie industry was driven to the West Coast by the strict limitations placed... Read more

Cutting Your Teeth in the Big Apple's Film Scene

Cutting Your Teeth in the Big Apple’s Film Scene New York City offers many opportunities for film students. The bright lights of Hollywood lure many would-be moviemakers to the film capitol of the world, but runner-up New York City is by no means second best. Filmmaking in New York City is a multi-billion dollar industry that employs... Read more

Rankings for Film School Programs

Rankings for Film School Programs If rankings aren’t a huge factor, what should you look for in a film school? As a prospective film school student, you probably spend time visiting various school programs’ web sites, contemplating the pros and cons of each. You’ve likely also spent more than a little time wondering whether or not rankings... Read more

What Do Television Producers Do?

What Do Television Producers Do? Find out what it takes to bring a program to the small screen. What’s a Television Production Career Like? Television producers are the financial and creative masterminds who bring together all the major aspects of a scripted show, reality program or news broadcast. Many job descriptions fall under the producer... Read more

The Vancouver Film Scene

The Vancouver Film Scene Here’s why the Vancouver film industry is booming. You don’t have to move to New York or Los Angeles to have a vibrant film career. Vancouver, B.C., is also a power player in the film and television industries. In fact, it ranks in the top five North American cities for filmmaking. Vancouver’s film industry dates back... Read more

Top 5 Careers After Film School

Top 5 Careers After Film School Here are five entry-level jobs for just-out-of-film school graduates. Getting Your Foot in the Door The road to a career in the film industry may feature several unmarked streets and dead ends, but some of the best in-roads to the biz can be found at the entry level, where... Read more

Television Jobs: Who's on Set?

Television Jobs: Who’s on Set? Find out about the different jobs available in television. Get Inspired Have you ever been watching your favorite television program and wondered who it takes to bring it to the screen? Producing a television show requires the efforts of many different types of people. If you’re creative and enjoy collaboration, there’s... Read more

Sundance Festival Launches Film Grads' Careers

Sundance Festival Launches Film Grads’ Careers Film festivals can take unknown directors from ramen to riches. France has Cannes; Italy has Venice; Canada has Toronto. And the United States? We have Sundance—the big independent film festival in the small town of Park City, Utah. The festival began in 1978 with the threefold goal of showcasing American-made... Read more