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Industrial Designer Profile

Industrial Designer Profile What is it really like to be an industrial designer? A professional in the field fills you in. Chad Davis Industrial Designer, Insight Product DevelopmentOver 4 years in the business What does an industrial designer do? Industrial designers deal with the aesthetics and ergonomics of products. We start with design exploration and... Read more

Industrial Designer Job Description

Industrial Designer Job Description See what you should bring to the table once you decide on an industrial design career. Industrial designers are constantly striving to produce innovations we love. Working closely with businesses and manufacturers, industrial designers take products and product ideas and make them user-friendly, ergonomic and attractive to consumers. In an industrial... Read more

Industrial Design vs. Graphic Design

Industrial Design vs. Graphic Design How is industrial design different from graphic design? The aesthetics of life in the modern world are shaped by a range of design professionals—graphic designers, web designers, fashion designers, interior designers. But there are unsung heroes of the design field who are responsible for the appearance and quality of just... Read more

Graphic Designer Job Outlook

Graphic Designer Job Outlook Find out what you can expect if you pursue a career in the graphic design field. Entry-Level Graphic Design Jobs To succeed in graphic design jobs, you need determination and commitment. The graphic design job market is competitive. Many inexperienced designers work long hours on assignments that are less than glamorous.... Read more

Media Communications Degrees and Careers

Media Communications Degrees and Careers Learn how a media communications degree can help prepare you for a variety of career paths. Traditional media, new media and social media are all ways information is disseminated, but a lot goes into messaging and communicating to the public. There’s a science to media communications; understanding how to effectively... Read more

Careers in Computer-Aided Design

Careers in Computer-Aided Design Learn all the different ways you can use a CAD degree. In recent decades, computer-aided design (CAD) has permeated the design and engineering fields. CAD programs 20 years ago were highly specialized tools used primarily for engineering applications, but now, CAD is indispensable to a variety of industries, from architecture and interior design to... Read more

What's New in Interactive Media?

What’s New in Interactive Media? Here’s one of the most cutting-edge design fields in which to earn your degree. By Sarah Stevenson It wasn’t long ago that interactive media primarily referred to video and computer game design or the development of web sites. In a few short years, though, we’ve seen the rise of smart phones,... Read more

Education Initiatives Designed to Boost Enrollment in CAD Drafting School

Education Initiatives Designed to Boost Enrollment in CAD Drafting School STEM education initiative may bring CAD and drafting into America’s middle schools and high schools. CAD—computer-aided design and drafting—used to be primarily the province of professional drafters and technical drawing experts. But thanks to federal programs addressing a shortage in skilled science and engineering workers,... Read more

Advertising Degrees and You

Advertising Degrees and You What should you learn in an advertising degree program? Do you aspire to be the next Leo Burnett or Donny Deutsch? You may think that great executives are born, not created in advertising degree programs. In reality, while many of the big names in advertising possess elements of the stereotypical do-it-yourself... Read more