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Fashion Design Collages: Your Path to Fashion Inspiration

A fashion design collage can be a great way to express yourself.
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If you're on the path to a fashion career, you're very likely to encounter class assignments to create fashion design collages.

From free-form mood boards or inspiration boards to more polished presentation boards, image collages are an indispensable tool for designers in every industry.

Fashion design collages, in a very basic sense, can help the designer coalesce his or her general ideas for a project and convey those ideas to a client or a teacher.

In the field of fashion design, collages may serve an important purpose at every stage of the design process, from experimentation with ideas to presentation of the proposed final product.

Let's take a look at the most popular collage types:

  •  Inspiration—or mood—boardsAt this stage, the collage can juxtapose photographic images, color or fabric swatches, magazine clippings and sketches that present an overall theme for the project at hand. Mood boards inspire creativity, stimulate dialogue, clarify your thoughts for a specific project and can even lead to further ideas.
  • Presentation boardsPresentation boards are meticulously laid out collages that serve a very specific function: to sell a fashion trend, a collection of garments or even a set of fabric swatches to a client—or, if you're a student, to convince your design teacher that you're able to present a cohesive and professionally laid-out proposal. Presentation boards often have very precise technical specifications for optimal layout, clarity, proportion and style.

If you're thinking about a fashion education, take the time to research not only collages but other typical fashion projects—it's a quick and easy way to learn whether fashion design is the career for you.

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Search for programs near you

Fashion Design Collages