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Video Game Jobs to Consider

Learn about the types of video game jobs that are available.
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Video game jobs cover a spectrum of possibilities, so whether you favor having an artistic career, something in business management or in computer programming, there's a position in the video game design industry to fit your talents and interests.

Some positions require a degree, while others are less strict about education. Other jobs require artistic talent, while some prefer you live and breathe code. Only you can decide which career path is the right one for your goals.

As you think about starting your education and career, here are a few video game jobs to consider:

Which of These Jobs Interests You?

Artist/Animator: As game environments, characters and graphics become more complex, there are a growing number of video game jobs for artists and animators.

Producer: Producers oversee game development projects. They manage budgets and team members, and they plan the various stages of a game design project.

Sound Designer: Individuals with skill in music composition and recording can find video game jobs that utilize their skills in creating game soundtracks.

Video Game Designer: Video game designers are the creative force behind video games. At the same time, they may also work on graphics, write code or manage teams of designers.

Video Game Developer: Video game developers are responsible for writing the code. They work on the computer science side of video game jobs.

Video Game Tester: Video game testers look for bugs that might hinder game play and frustrate users. This is an entry-level video game job.

Writer: The story is a crucial element of any game, so people with storytelling and writing talent can find video game jobs that suit their skill set.

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