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Fashion Marketing, Merchandising, and Buying

Learn the differences among fashion marketing, buying and merchandising jobs.
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While fashion merchandising, marketing, and buying are distinct job functions, some companies may not have the resources or the need to separate them.

In other companies, it may make sense to divide the work load according to these different tasks. Each employer has different needs.

You'll have different educational requirements in each of the fields, as well as similar topics of study. For example buyers will need to take financial and business courses alongside their fashion design coursework.

Take a lot below at some of the duties of each of these fashion industry careers.

Job Descriptions

  • Fashion Merchandising: A fashion merchandising job description is based around crafting a positive consumer experience. From choosing what to sell, to deciding how it's displayed in stores, fashion merchandisers have a customer-focused approach. They know that presentation counts. Fashion merchandising experts subtly inspire consumers to see the possibilities in their products.
  • Fashion Marketing: Fashion marketers are not so subtle. It's their job to promote fashion. They want to generate interest in new styles and products. Fashion marketing involves advertising, but it's more than that. Fashion marketers have to be on the cutting edge—endorsing the right thing at the right time. They connect the public with the world of fashion, and they help set trends.
  • Fashion Buying: Fashion buyers have to be aware of the nuances of trends. They have to anticipate where styles are going and what will catch on with consumers. Not every new style will make it to the marketplace. Fashion buyers make decisions about what to sell and how much based on their knowledge of fashion history, market trends and customer psychology.

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