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Fashion Career Paths: Find Your Niche

Read about different jobs you may have in your fashion career.
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Customize Your Fashion Career

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Many people don't realize that fashion design requires a whole cast of characters.

The head designer may be the lead, but there are many other players. A fashion design education should prepare you for a fashion career, even if you find yourself working in a supporting role as you start out in the business.

There are many paths to the fashion career you want.

From designer to trend research, one of the following jobs can help you gain experience in the industry and put you on track to take the next step.

Available Careers:

Artists and Sketchers – sketch new designs.

Assistant Designers – work to support lead designers in various design tasks.

Cutters – cut out patterns or fabrics either by hand or using computerized machines.

Head Designers / Design Directors – make creative decisions and supervise support staff.

Pattern Graders – take patterns and adjust them for different sizes of clothing.

Pattern Makers – make the patterns used to produce fashions.

Set and Exhibit Designers – create sets or exhibits for fashion shows or trade shows.

Sewers – do production work, either by hand or with a sewing machine.

Spec and Fit Technicians – produce samples with special attention to fit.

Specialty Designers – design and work on items that require special production techniques.

Trend Researchers – gather data about the fashion market to help designers plan their collections.

Career Specialties:

You can further customize your fashion career by choosing to focus on a particular style or kind of garment. Here are some examples of fashion career specialties to choose from:

  • Accessory design
  • Children's clothing design
  • Costume design
  • Footwear design
  • Lingerie design
  • Men's wear design
  • Sportswear design
  • Swimwear design
  • Uniform design
  • Women's wear design
Search for programs near you
Search for programs near you

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